T-Craft Aero Club has a membership cap in order to provide members good access to our aircraft. The maximum number of active flying members is 98 based on a ration of 14:1 plane to member ratio. A wait list system has been implemented for new applicants who wish to join the club in order to maintain this ratio. The "Wait List" requires a $400 non-refundable payment, which will be applied to the membership join fee. If you would like to get on the wait list, click on this link: wait list form and follow the instructions.

Current members can logon to Schedule Master and view a complete member listing including phone numbers and e-mail addresses. All members are responsible for following the policies and procedures described in the T-Craft Aero Club information packet as well as the constitution and by-laws.

The New Member Information section provides detailed information on the club's policies and membership application process.

Current Class I members can upgrade to a Class II membership by filling out a Membership Upgrade Form and attending the next Board Meeting (see calendar for dates). You will also need to bring your logbook and a check for the amount of the upgrade. A minimum of 100 hours total time logged is required for Class II membership. If you do not have any previous experience in Cessna 182s, our insurance requires you have a minimum of 5 hours instruction in a 182.

If you're interested in joining T-Craft Aero Club, please contact us.